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I started to experiment with gels in the software and I am very intrigued by it. If I am shooting a model normally I do my routine and rarely try new things. So that gives me some nice possibilities. I can also see the use for beginners to learn some studio lighting.

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I remember exactly how I felt when I first stepped into a studio. Nothing made any sense and when the model came on set I was a nervous wreck because I had all this numbers and ratios in my head. I do see a few more occasions where it might come in handy but I have to test it a bit more to be sure. I would be interested to see what others use it for or can even show some results.

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I have my next shooting this sunday and it will be the first real light test. Also I have not seen a real review about it.

Does anyone has a link to one? Thank you, Paul! That is something I was looking for. Even with a set-File to download. I never heard of Dan Hostettler. He seems to do very nice nude photography. I am using set. In my opinion it's a very helpful tool with a very moderate pricing. I'm a fan of it and was looking out a long time for anything similar before SAL3D was on market. 3D STUDIO With Full Crack (x64) | 4HowCrack

There is nothing else out there and Elixxier is doing a great job. I use it since 3 month and I do not regret it. I am not using it constantly but when I do I find the results better than when I prepare a shooting only in my head. Often during a shooting I will ditch the set plan and keep improvising but at least I will have some save shoots that I knew I wanted. Also communicating with the talent is much easier as you can already show some results sort of. What I find hard is the handling and that they do not have speedlights yet but in their last Newsletter they said it is coming next month.

We bought the set. It worked well for me this weekend and the results were very cool.

How will your virtual studio look like?

I might link to some images of the shooting later. So it was worth the investment I believe. Will see how I will use it in the long run. Will keep you updated. What I find more interesting is what they said in their newsletter.

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They will come out with speedlights in May. That will be very interesting. And apparently everybody gets the update for free!

set.a.light 3D studio 2.0 for Mac Free Download

So that is an extra sweet deal. The application provides a reliable set of tools with different detailing features as well as lighting settings to simulate the light. It comes with support for handling real-life photography in a virtual environment. The application provides a variety of design templates to add the designs in the models. Also, it is a complete environment for editing and enhancing the look and feel of the models. Moreover, the application provides support for editing the makeup of the models and customize eyebrows, hair dye, and hairstyles. You will definitely want to have the laser pointer, however, because that will tell you where the lighting is pointed at, exactly.

Be sure to check the Quality Settings.

This studio simulation is so good, I am recreating my entire portfolio as CGI

How you set these will depend upon your machine. The higher the resolution of whatever you are choosing, while you will get a better idea of the final product, it will certainly slow down your computer. Experiment and determine what is best for your purposes. Choose your crop factor. 3D® STUDIO

If you don't know what your camera is, then do a quick search on the internet to determine your crop factor. Search for something like, for example, Nikon D crop factor. Choose the appropriate ratio. You will see options like , , etc. A good one to start with is the option. Choose a lens. You want to use the lens that matches what you are shooting with. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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